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Workshops. (In no particular order)

Modern witch workshop.
Bredhurst village hall, Hurstwood Rd, Bredhurst, Kent. ME7 3JZ.
31st January '18. 7 - 9.30 pm.

This Modern Witch workshop with Wendy Gurr has an emphasis on practical magic and real life techniques you can use every day.

Do you want to give up a bad habit, get fitter or improve your relationship? Or maybe you want to find a partner, fulfil your purpose or increase your wealth? Or maybe, you don’t really know what you really want! This workshop will teach you how to get what you want through the empowerment of Witchcraft.

  In this workshop you will: * Learn how to create your own spells * Discover the magical ingredients and timings best for your spells. * Take part in a fun and powerful ritual that will bring you closer to getting what you desire! * Explore the Wheel of the Year 

£25 incl refreshments.
£10 deposit.
Modern witch
Wendy Gurr
Price: £10.50
(50p added to help with paypal costs)

Quintessence workshop.
Sheppey, Kent. ME12 4AL.
7th Nov '17. 10.30 - 4.30.
£20. £10 deposit secures your place.
quintessense workshop
7th Nov
Price: £10.50
(50p added to help with paypal charges).
Intermediate mediumship workshop
with medium Marion Fensome.
12th June. '17. 7.30-9.30.
15 St Clements Close, Bayview
Sheppey. ME12 4AL.

The eve will run from 7.30 till 9.30 & the investment is £20. Spaces are limited so a £10 non-refundable deposit will secure your place.

Mediumship workshop
12th June
Price: £10.50
(50p added to help with paypal fees).

Sittingbourne ME10 4DE.
Saturday, 8th April '17 at 10.30AM - 4PM

Advanced Reiki workshop with experienced tutor Robert Jefford.
Robert Jefford studied Ki development directly with teachers such as Ueshiba Sensei and Koichi Tohei Sensei and holds high grades in martial arts. He also studied Reiki in Japan beginning in the 1950s. He runs Reiki Kyokai, teaching authentic Eastern Reiki.
This will be a fun filled day while learning some very useful techniques to use with your Reiki practice & every day life.
Some of the things we will look at in the day are: In the morning an in-depth study of the Reiki symbols & a deep exploration of scanning & healing in the afternoon.
Pre-requisites for this workshop are level two of Reiki from any lineage. (If I don’t know you I will require a copy of your certificate please)
Investment is £45 with a non-refundable deposit of £25 to secure your place.   
Deposits must be received by 30th  Jan please.
Refreshments & a light lunch are included.

Reiki workshop
8th April
Price: £26.50
(£1.50 added to help with paypal fees)

15 St Clements Close, Bayview
Sheppey. ME12 4AL.

Come along to this 2 part workshop with medium Marion Fensome and learn Intuitive Tarot.
On the evenings you will get a full manual which includes some example readings.
You will need a pack of Tarot cards and pad and pen for notes.
Marion will teach you how to tune into your cards and your own intuitive gifts,you will also get a chance to practice readings with the other students
The days are 6th April & 13th April. Each evening is 7 to 9.30pm. Only £40 including your manual. Places are limited so a £20 non-refundable deposit holds your place.

Tarot workshop
6th April
Price: £21.00

£1 added to help with paypal fees)

Animal Reiki/Therapy - Level one.
Tuesday 15th Aug '17..
ME12 4AL.

Is working with animals your passion?, mine too. This one day workshop will give you all the basics to go away & practice on yourself, family, friends & the techniques for working with domesticated animals.

Investment for this workshop is £95. Spaces are limited to 4 so a £45 non-refundable deposit will hold your place. Pay the rest on the day.

(£2.30 has been added to help with paypal fees)

2 places available.

Past life regression Workshop with Marion Fensome.

Saturday 1st April'17. 10.30 - 3.30.
  UKP Leisure, Ave of Remembrance, Sittingbourne,
Kent. ME10 4DE

Unlock the secrets of your past lives today!!!
Have you ever wondered who you were in previous lives?.
Have you ever wondered why you act in certain ways in this life?.
Have you wondered why you are attracted to a certain period in history?.
Past life regression can answer these questions & many, many more.
Past life regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time.
During this workshop you will get the chance to revisit TWO of your past lives.
This workshop takes place in a group setting so bring along a pad & pen to record your findings.
For the fantastic price of £40 for a full day workshop you get the chance to visit TWO of your past lives. Price includes tea, coffee, biscuits on arrival & a choice of lunch.
£20 non-refundable deposit secures your place.
Pay the rest on the day.
1st April
Price: £21.00
(£1 added for paypal)


Indian head massage one day Practitioner workshop
15 St Clements Close, Bayview, Sheppey.Kent. ME12 4AL.
Tuesday 9th May '17  10.30 - 4pm

(Information in Indian head massage)

Investment is £110.00. £50 non-refundable deposit secures your place. 
Pay the rest on the day.

2 places available

(£1 paypal fee added)

Usui Reiki - Level two. £160
Isle of Sheppey.
10th + 11th July '17. 10.30 - 4.30
£80 deposit.
Pay the rest on the day.

(£2.50 has been added for paypal fees).

3 spaces available.


Hopi ear candling workshop, practitioner.
Isle of Sheppey
Monday 20th Feb '17. 10.30 - 4.30.
£50 deposit.
Pay rest on the day.

Hopi ear workshop
20th Feb
Price: £52.50
(£2.50 has been added for paypal fees).

2 places available.

Usui Reiki - Level one. £110
Isle of Sheppey.
2nd + 3rd Nov '17. 10.30 - 4.30
£50 deposit.
Pay the rest on the day.

Reiki level one
Nov '17
Price: £52.50

(£2.50 added to help with paypal fees)


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