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Well-being in the workplace.

The greatest asset of almost any business is its people and it is often true to say that people perform their best at work when their lives are balanced and fulfilling.

Recent findings show that while many people enjoy their job, juggling work and family life with today's many worries can be extremely stressful and many employees say they struggle with lower energy levels, headaches and higher levels of stress. This in turn can affect their ability to be as productive and efficient in the workplace as they would like to be.

All this could eventually have a negative impact on the company resulting in higher levels of absenteeism, staff turnover and decreased productivity.

As businesses become more aware of the physical health and psychological wellness the benefits of meditation and other holistic complementary therapies are becoming commonplace. .

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to introduce their staff to holistic practices that enhance their health and well-being so it lowers stress levels in the workplace and has a positive impact on employees health and their lives in general.

My aim is to encourage corporate clients through programs of meditation and complementary therapies to bring out the best in their employees by making them feel relaxed and valued, so to reduce stress and ultimately to increase the quality and productivity of their working life.

We can offer a range of therapies tailored to your requirements for your employees needs. It can be for an individual member of staff or as a block booking for a number of staff spread over the working day. It is always based on the needs of the individual company and their employees.

Some of the things we can offer are:

Usui Reiki


Indian head massage

Indian face massage

Thai foot massage

Bach flower remedie s




If you have any queries regarding the benefits of meditation or complementary therapies in the workplace, or if you require information on individual packages for your company then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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