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Thermo – Auricular Therapy.

Thermo – auricular therapy, also known as Hopi ear candling is a deeply relaxing, calming and soothing treatment which could offer real and marked benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas, including, but not limited to:

Hay fever.





Ear irritations.

Hearing impairment and Insomnia.

Unlike conventional wax candles that burn from a lit wick that runs up the center of the candle, a Hopi ear candle is actually a cotton flax tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey extract and therapeutic oils, such as chamomile, St Johns Wort and sage, which is painlessly inserted into the ear to draw out impurities. Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by the Native Americans for many centuries.

Each ear candling treatment will be completed with your choice of either a face massage or Reiki. Sessions are approx 45 minutes.

Cost £25. Concessions available if diagnostic booked (3 sessions).


Relaxing Hopi ear candling.


You can be amazed by the results.

Disclaimer: Natural healing techniques can be used to complement any other healthcare practice. However, they are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and or treatment provided by licensed healthcare professionals. It is strongly advised that you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

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