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Flower remedies for people & pets.

Flower remedies were first created by a qualified physician, Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. Each remedy is associated to a basic emotion & there are 38 remedies + the rescue remedy which most people have heard of.

Flower remedies are mixed for the individual on their requirements & can contain up to 6 remedies which are mixed in one bottle. There are no known side effects,

and they support medical treatment.

They work very well with animals for a variety of emotional issues such as fear, nervousness, stress, dominance in multi pet households & rescue animals etc.

The remedy is used for 3 weeks, but you should notice a positive effect within 1 week for people & animals.

Consultations can be done via email or over the phone if necessary. Your remedy can then be made up for you & sent to you by post. After 3 weeks a follow up consultation can be arranged to find out how things are progressing.

Initial email consultation & 1 remedy bottle is £20.

Follow up consultation & remedy bottle is £15.

If you no what you require & you only need me to make you up a treatment bottle then the cost is £10.


  Disclaimer-All Animals/Birds

This is not intended to replace veterinary treatment/medication, but to work alongside it. No guarantees are implied or stated. If your animal experiences health or medical problems, you should consult a vet.

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